Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I book my portrait session? 

Fill out the contact form to find out my availability for your date. Once you let me know that you are ready to secure your date you will receive a contract by email.

Review the session terms and conditions + sign your contract.
Make your non-refundable deposit which is 50% of your total for all packages besides the mini session.

Your remaining balance is due the day before your session.

Payments can be made via Venmo, PayPal, Chase Quick Pay, Apple Pay, and Cash App.

  • How long will it take to get my photos back?

Package one takes 7 days. 

Package two takes up to 14 days.

 Package 3 takes up to 30 days.

Weddings take 2-8 weeks.

The ETA is determined by the amount of editing that needs to be done on your session and the amount of photos that you're getting.

  • Do you pick the locations?

We have a list of locations that we can choose from together.  If you've already found a spot that you'd like to use we can definitely do your session there, we can also shoot at your home. If there's a location on any of my social media platforms that you'd like to use just send me an email with the photo attached. Most importantly we like to pick locations based on attire, when your outfits and scenery compliment each other we create magic. :) 

Some of the locations require an appointment or a permit fee, the permit price is not included in the session price. 

  • When you edit photos, what exactly do you edit?

I do color corrections, blemish removal, skin smoothing, teeth whitening and stretch mark removal. If stretch marks are abundant I do charge an additional fee.

I do NOT alter your body, its important to love yourself just the way that you are. :)

If you'd like for your appearance to be altered an additional fee of $25 will be charged per image.

  • What happens if there is bad weather on the day of the photo shoot?

If the rain is scattered, drizzling, or on and off we can go on as planned if you would like. If we are going under a covered area outdoors rain wont stop the show lol! But if the weather is completely unfavorable, we will reschedule :)

  • What happens if it is too cold outside to take photos?

If you are taking photos during the cold season I expect for you to purchase attire that'll keep you warm. If the temperature is colder than normal we will definitely reschedule. 

  • Do you offer military discounts?

Unfortunately, we do not.

  • Do you have any assistant photographers?​

Yes, my Husband (Jaryn ) and I work together to capture images. I also have a few photography friends that I work with when I need a second shooter. 

  • If you are unable to shoot my photos who fills in for you?

Jaryn and I shoot together and we shoot separately. If I cant make a shoot he will fill in for me. If he cant make a shoot I will fill in for him. If our client prefers one of us over the other we can reschedule the shoot for the photographer preferred. If you prefer not to reschedule you will receive all payments made except for the initial deposit. 

  • Can you hold a date for me ?

I am sorry I can not "hold" dates for anyone.

 Your date is not secure until you have officially booked your date by signing your contract and placing your deposit. 

  • Can I change my session time ?

Yes, once If the time that you are requesting is available.

If you would like to change your session time on the day of your session there will be a $25 fee applied to your balance.

When you give me a quote how long is the quote valid?

You have up to 48 hours to book based on the quote that you received. If you contact me after this period of time and my packages have changed I can not honor your original quote. 

  •  How much is required for my deposit ?

50% of your total is required for portrait sessions.

25% of your total is required for weddings.

Mini Sessions are paid in full.

  •  Is the full payment of the mini session refundable if I want to cancel or if I miss the entire 


Unfortunately, If you want to cancel your session no money will be refunded for the mini session.

You can change your date ONCE free of charge if not due to weather related issues.

If you miss the entire session you would have to rebook a new session. 

  • Is my deposit refundable ?

No, your deposit is not refundable.

  • Can I change my date after I have already booked a certain date ?

Yes, you can change your date once if the new date that you are requesting is available. 

  • Do you shoot in JPEG or Raw?

I shoot raw for everything.

  • Do you shoot in a studio ?

No, I love to shoot outdoors! Something about natural light just warms my heart :)

  • Do you travel ?

Yes, I'd love to come to wherever you are located to take some awesome photos. :)

I travel for free within 50 miles of New Orleans. I charge 0.50 cent per mile that I have to travel outside of New Orleans and surrounding areas. For example if I have to travel 250 mile outside of New Orleans, the travel fee would be $125. 

  • How will I receive my images ?

All albums come with a private online gallery where you can download your images to your computer, USB's, or CD's.

  • Why dont you release the  unedited photos for free ?

Every photo that I release is a reflection of my work. I only want the best photos released to the public.

  • What is your style of photography?

I am definitely a natural light photographer. I love for my images to be clean, vibrant, and candid. Posed images look great but it is those candid moments that warm my heart.

  • Can I purchase prints from you? Do you offer print release?

Yes, you can purchase images directly from me.

We use top quality print labs that will show your images beautifully.

Print release is included in every package.

The only time that you wont get print release is when or if you have won a free photo shoot.

  • What happens if I am late to my photo shoot?

If your shoot is an hour long and you come 45 minutes late, you'll have 15 minutes to take photos.

If you want to extend the session by an hour it'll be $100.

30 extra minutes will be $50.

 15 extra minutes will be $25.

If you miss the entire shoot it will not be rescheduled, and your payment is non-refundable unless it was due to death, car accident, or water breakage. 

Do you shoot weddings?
Yes, I shoot weddings and elopements.

Do you shoot events?
For clients that have booked three or more shoots we do offer event photography, but there are some restrictions.

  • Why cant I have the images that weren't edited ?

During a photo shoot we can have up to 600 pictures taken, to edit every single one would take an extensive amount of time. It is very possible to edit so many images but it would be very expensive.

I'd much rather give you 25 AMAZING images, than 100 "ok" images.

  • What type of equipment do you use ?

We use full frame Nikon cameras.

For external lighting we use the SB-700 Nikon speed light. 

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