Heyyyy y'all !

Photography brings me so much joy; it is truly unexplainable.

I have been intrigued by photography for as long as I can remember. I love to capture moments of others and myself. Getting the perfect shot is the most important thing to me. Capturing moments of laughter, tears, first looks, first dance, etc are the small details that add up to make beautiful, unforgettable images. I want to accommodate the needs of everyone I shoot so that when they look at their photos years later it'll warm their hearts. I aim to take images that one wants to show the world, images that'll be passed down from generation to generation. Before taking photos of clients I really like to get to know them. I am always interested in who clients are,  where they come from, their future plans, their vision, and their love, so that the shoot can be a reflection of them. I don't want to just snap photos and hand them over, I want to work together to create something unforgettable.

For a few years I took photos and edited them as a hobby. After going to college for two years, I found myself focusing more on photography than my major. I decided that if I truly wanted to enjoy life I needed to ditch everything and make photography my main focus. Ever since the day I made that decision I have been happier than ever. I love to capture traditional shots where the clients are posing and looking directly at the camera. However, candid shots are my absolute favorite. I believe candid shots show the true reality of a moment that is very unforgettable. I specialize in environmental style photography. Shooting outdoors is so pleasant to me despite all of the weather setbacks that can occur. My style of photography is inspired by the bright and airy look of film photography.  I enjoy documenting my own life through photography, and blogging, I would love to help you document yours.

Thanks for reading a little bit about me.

Hopefully I'll be hearing from you soon :)  


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